Victoria photographing Model

One-2-One Training (Day 2)

Day 2 of my course starts early with a sunrise (hopefully – or just tripod work and bracketing of the clouds!).  It’s a really good skill to learn some landscape techniques, as all those rules of composition really pay off.  It was very cold this particular morning last week, but Victoria was enthusiastic and again got some cracking shots.

Victoria's Landscape
Victoria’s Landscape

The rest of day is spent on improving images through post-processing, looking at print possibilities (and what to print!) as well as shooting for stock and how to arrange a shot.  There is quite a lot of post-processing techniques on day 2, as you would expect, but it is an essential skill and I demonstrate how to “repair” or “recover” images that have not quite gone right “in-camera”.

Johnny's Model
Johnny’s Model

We also spend some time looking at the model shoot from the evening before and how, or if, improvements need to be made.  Again, this really shows how important time spent getting the model looking right at the shoot is.

Victoria's "Model 2"
Victoria’s “Model 2”

It’s a far more enjoyable afternoon than some think, and how easy some of the techniques are to really give your image the look you want.

Victoria's "Model 1"
Victoria’s “Model 1”

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