Monthly Archives: October 2015

20150704-H4H Heroes-185

Help 4 Heroes, Tedworth House

The nice thing about photography (and it’s occasionally a tough old business to be in) is that you get to meet great people.

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The "formal" dining area

Victory Services Club – New Dining Room

It is always such a joy to head up to the Victory Services Club, just off Marble Arch.  This time, the brief was to

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One-2-One Training – Bill phase 3!

It has been a real pleasure getting to know Bill.  He is a Texan from Houston and has been determined to improve his (already pretty good!) photographic skills

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20150704-Devon Baroque-92

Devon Baroque Orchestra

I was asked recently to help the Devon Baroque Orchestra with their marketing images and website.  I knew nothing about them, so before starting properly, I arranged to visit them

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One-2-One Training – Tom

Tom is a young architect working in Cardiff, and has been engaged with some wonderful charitable work in Africa and Asia.  Clearly, architects need to take photographs,

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