Monthly Archives: July 2014

A fun set-up

photoPoland 2014

A week in July in Gdansk did not initially fill me with the idea that we would have a charming, exciting and dynamic time.  I, like some of the others, imagined a trip amongst drab eastern-block housing

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Being welcomed by the Lord Mayor of London

HRH Prince Philip and Doggett’s Coat and Badge

Doggett’s Coat and Badge is a rowing race on the Thames from London Bridge to Cadogan Pier.  It is the oldest rowing race in the world

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20140626-Garda Libya-138

Corporate Photography in Libya

Last week I had a few days, courtesy of one of the big Private Security Companies, in and around Tripoli in Libya.  This is not a commission to enter into lightly, but this company is very good

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Lidl Supermarkets – travelling the country in a day!

This was the maddest shoot I have done in a long time.  Mad, purely because of the time-scales.  Lidl were holding an event where their senior managers

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