Food Photography at the Victory Services Club

We all enjoy watching professionals at work, but I was blown-away by the skill and dedication of the kitchen team at the Victory Services Club yesterday.  Under the guidance of Head Chef, Paul, they produce an incredible variety of very high quality food.

I was lucky to photograph the preparation before service, and Raf was inspirational to watch. Preparing food for service is absolutely an art-form. A keen eye, and a steady hand; all the while understanding what the food is all about – and the limited time there is to prepare the presentation of it.20220831-VSC-11-320220831-VSC-71-2

Photographing food has always been a real joy for me. Sometimes, as the photographer, you need to re-arrange, re-light, re-position and ensure freshness is captured. Working with Raf, there is no need for that – he’s all over it!

In the following images, this goat’s cheese salad is sitting on the server waiting to be delivered to one lucky diner. No studio lighting, no “imitation” freshness – just very good food, freshly prepared. 20220831-VSC-59-420220831-VSC-66-420220831-VSC-10320220831-VSC-12220220831-VSC-100


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