Monthly Archives: March 2013

Victoria photographing Model

One-2-One Training (Day 2)

Day 2 of my course starts early with a sunrise (hopefully – or just tripod work and bracketing of the clouds!).  It’s a really good skill to learn some landscape techniques,

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St Michael the Archangel Church - Mere

One-2-One Training (Day 1)

As well as my other training packages, I have been running some 1-2-1 training which some clients prefer.  This is a 2 day course that ensures competency (in settings, composition, lighting, and post-processing)

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Welfare Widow from Bhujung

Gurkha settlement in the UK

A busy, yet very enjoyable three weeks capturing the settlement and “integration” of former Gurkhas and their families into the UK.  I won’t go into the politics, but photographically it has been fascinating.  I lit almost all images (about 300 of them)

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