The swimming pool

Commercial Work – Nepal

Obviously I travel quite a lot to Nepal with photoJourney where we take a group of photographers to improve their techniques

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Club Photography – Christmas!

The best Club in London, for all the right reasons, is the Victory Services Club.  I have been doing their marketing photography

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British Exploring to the Amazon!

In the summer I was once again terrifically lucky to be part of the British Exploring Society – This time, the Amazon

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Commercial Photography for Property

In the past I have done quite a lot of work with large companies or institutions to photograph their buildings

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20160124-Devon Baroque-97-Edit

The Devon Baroque Orchestra

This has been a lovely little project.  The Devon Baroque are one of only two professional orchestras in the South West.  They play instruments from the Baroque era

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HRH Duke of Edinburgh

I had a commission from Buckingham Palace in December to photograph the Duke of Edinburgh and his staff.  This was a group of 43 (or 44, but that’s another story).  I have photographed the Duke of Edinburgh on three

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One-2-One Training – Bill phase 3!

It has been a real pleasure getting to know Bill.  He is a Texan from Houston and has been determined to improve his (already pretty good!) photographic skills

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20150704-Devon Baroque-92

Devon Baroque Orchestra

I was asked recently to help the Devon Baroque Orchestra with their marketing images and website.  I knew nothing about them, so before starting properly, I arranged to visit them

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JF sparks!

One-2-One Training – Bill

This is second two day course Bill has done with me, and we have another one to go!  Bill has been taking photographs for many years

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Event Room Photography

I love the Victory Services Club (just off Hyde Park, London) because of what it stands for and what it has achieved…..and because they use me to photograph

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