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Joanna Lumley at the Book Launch

Freelance Photography Unpredictable? …..Hell yeah!

Four weeks ago, I was planning a steady couple of weeks of administration and marketing.  Every self-employed person needs this; none more so than solo freelance photographers.  Then it all went wrong

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Event Room Photography

I love the Victory Services Club (just off Hyde Park, London) because of what it stands for and what it has achieved…..and because they use me to photograph

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20150426-London Marathon-289

London Marathon 2015

Outward Bound is a very impressive educational “People Development” charities that sponsors expeditions and events all over the world.  Each year they have a number of runners (this year well over 100)

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20150511-Nepal Day 611-53

Nepal Earthquake – the aftermath

10 days after the 25th of April earthquake, I am in Barpak, the 1800m hill town north west of Kathmandu, now infamous as the town at the epicentre of the 7.8 magnitude earthquake that has taken more than 8000 lives across one of the poorest countries in the world; Nepal.

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