IGO Adventures – N60° Norwegian Challenge

For the second year, the team at IGO Adventures has put together this brilliant event – 4 days, 4 stages, 1 Challenge

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photoJourney-Nepal 2016

This is the fourth year I have returned to Nepal to run a course

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British Exploring to the Amazon!

In the summer I was once again terrifically lucky to be part of the British Exploring Society – This time, the Amazon

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Snow-running training

IGO Adventures – N60 Challenge, Norway

What a week that was!  I have been the photographer as part of the IGO team for a while, so it was incredibly exciting to hit the first event

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One-2-One Training – Tom

Tom is a young architect working in Cardiff, and has been engaged with some wonderful charitable work in Africa and Asia.  Clearly, architects need to take photographs,

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20150511-Nepal Day 611-53

Nepal Earthquake – the aftermath

10 days after the 25th of April earthquake, I am in Barpak, the 1800m hill town north west of Kathmandu, now infamous as the town at the epicentre of the 7.8 magnitude earthquake that has taken more than 8000 lives across one of the poorest countries in the world; Nepal.

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photoJourney 2015

I started photoJourney at the end of last year to gather together the individual adventure photography courses abroad that I was running.  The first of these was to Nepal

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A Heck of a Trip! Nepal Commercial Photography 2014

Wow, I have just realised it has been a while since I updated the blog here on my site; but it is for good reason! 

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photoNepal 2015 – Looking for Adventure?

We have now gone firm on dates for next year’s photoNepal and have chosen 6 – 15 February 2015.  The weather at this time of year is generally superb – cool air with clear skies and often perfect views of the high Himalayas.

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Providing Images for Businesses

I have made and provided images for several business websites now, so I thought I would show an example of one of them at fruition.  At the end of last year I did a shoot for Alan Roan, CEO

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