photoJourney-Nepal 2016

This is the fourth year I have returned to Nepal to run a course

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One-2-One Training – Bill phase 3!

It has been a real pleasure getting to know Bill.  He is a Texan from Houston and has been determined to improve his (already pretty good!) photographic skills

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One-2-One Training – Tom

Tom is a young architect working in Cardiff, and has been engaged with some wonderful charitable work in Africa and Asia.  Clearly, architects need to take photographs,

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photoJourney – Poland 2015

This year I returned to Gdansk to run the Poland 2015 photoJourney workshop.  This is such a super place to photograph as the place is vibrant and fresh, but with incredible history and architecture.

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Joanna Lumley at the Book Launch

Freelance Photography Unpredictable? …..Hell yeah!

Four weeks ago, I was planning a steady couple of weeks of administration and marketing.  Every self-employed person needs this; none more so than solo freelance photographers.  Then it all went wrong

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One-2-One Training – Jim

Jim came to my studio to learn all about his new camera (a Pentax!), to try to progress with camera flash, and to understand a bit about post-processing techniques.

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One-2-One Training – Sarah

So impressed with Sarah…. she came all the way from Norfolk for the course, and has left, I am sure, with renewed vigour and confidence in her photography.

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One-2-One Training – James

James is an extraordinary furniture maker, living out in Hartland in Devon.  He designs and makes the most exquisite furniture (, and I was always terribly jealous of his life

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One-2-One Training – Paul

It’s always nice to mix with other photographers, and they don’t come more interesting and unusual than Paul.
Paul rides a motorbike…around South America

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20140724-BE Norway-449

British Exploring Society – Arctic 2014

It seems a very long time ago that I was asked to accompany the British Exploring Expedition ( to Arctic Finnmark as the photographer, but in July and August, the expedition took place. 

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