St Michael the Archangel Church - Mere

One-2-One Training (Day 1)

As well as my other training packages, I have been running some 1-2-1 training which some clients prefer.  This is a 2 day course that ensures competency (in settings, composition, lighting, and post-processing) and includes a 2 hour shoot with a model using flash and balanced daylight.  Victoria has just attended and came away with some cracking results (although these are my images, hers are just as good!);

Victoria "composing"!
Victoria “composing”!

and she is returning for the 2-day advanced course which builds on this course.

Her enthusiasm was just great, and she picked up the technicalities very quickly, allowing her to concentrate on the “art” (which is where we should all be!)

Organ Stops
Organ Stops


Day one of the course features 3 specific shoots, all building up and employing the skills learnt through the day.  Mere church is an ideal subject; learning all the shutter and aperture skills, then composition, and then interior shots in the dark, hand-held with no flash….great stuff!Mere Church

Mere Church


Cross by the Pulpit
Cross by the Pulpit

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