2020 – it needs few words!

It’s not going to be as difficult as I imagined to write a review of 2020

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A Freelance Commercial Photographer 2019

I’m writing this during Lock-down from the 2020 Coronavirus pandemic, and I have, at last, a little capacity to add a wee blog.  Last year

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IGO Montana

Late in 2018 I travelled with IGO Adventures to Montana to photograph their incredible event around Whitefish.  What an

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The Princess Royal and Fishmongers’ Hall

As her role as Prime Warden of the Fishmongers’ Company came to an end, the Princess Royal seemed

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Early in the year I supported Martin Roberts (Homes Under the Hammer) as he launched his brilliant

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IGO Adventures – NW05° Moroccan Challenge

October 2017 saw Morocco loom onto the horizon

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Doesn’t the Summer Just Fly By!

Shamefully, for someone who works in the digital sphere, I have really neglected the internet and social media

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Mumm Champagne

Event Sponsor Photography

One of the roles of a photographer in a commercial event is to make sure that the sponsors also get the images they need.

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IGO Adventures – N60° Norwegian Challenge

For the second year, the team at IGO Adventures has put together this brilliant event – 4 days, 4 stages, 1 Challenge

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Historic Motorsport International

The HMI is a new show that sits alongside the Classic Car Show at the ExCel Centre in London.

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