Monthly Archives: June 2014

HRH the Princess Royal

HRH Princess Anne and the Fishmongers’ Hall

My multi-faceted shoot at the Fishmongers’ Hall was incredibly interesting and exciting.  Just being in such a beautiful building is reward enough, but as well as photographing

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Group two - colour

Post-Processing for Clients

Following the bank shoot in Switzerland, I was asked if I could produce an image that could sit along the bottom of the page of a marketing magazine

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Photographing Food at Fishmongers’ Livery Company

There is nothing basic about photographing food – in the sense that it is not just you, the photographer, that has work to do.  You need a competent chef to prepare the delicious

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20140611-EFG Geneva-030

EFG Bank Switzerland

Last week’s commission was for EFG Bank locations in Zurich and Geneva over three days.  The brief was fairly intensive, and thorough – useful when time is short

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20140528-Garda Baghdad-238

Hot Stuff in Baghdad

My return to Iraq took me this time to the capital city – a place of significant recent history and trouble.  The troubles there remain, and security is a big part of life.  I couldn’t count the amount of check-points

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