Doesn’t the Summer Just Fly By!

Shamefully, for someone who works in the digital sphere, I have really neglected the internet and social media over the last few months.  This has nothing to do with having nothing to post – on the contrary; I have been busier than ever (I’ve blogged about this before, but now it has really hit home what gives when the pressure is on)  The other reason I haven’t posted much is that 3 of my last shoots have been “Commercial in Confidence” and with this year’s Lidl shoot I am obliged not to post images until they have launched the advertising campaigns (which should be by the end of next month, so watch this space!)

Doggett's Boat Race on the Thames
Doggett’s Boat Race on the Thames

So… what have I been up to, I hear you ask (you didn’t? well, I’ll tell you cos I know you’re curious!)

Since June, I have photographed the new rooms at the Victory Services Club; I’ve run a training course; organised a London Exhibition for photoJourney; done Glastonbury; moved house; photographed 2 weddings; a website shoot for a bank in Paris; a shoot for new and exciting start-up – Let’s Do This; spent 5 weeks photographing 2 specific recruiting campaigns for the brilliant, forward-looking supermarket, Lidl; photographed a formal portrait of the Princess Royal as she takes over as Prime-Warden at the Fishmongers’ Company; photographed the longest continuous rowing event in the World on the Thames; had my visa delayed for the USA which meant I could not go to Montana for awesome adventure race company, IGO Adventures.

……and now I have been planning next month which, on current timelines has me photographing in: Swindon, Switzerland, Isle of Bute, Iraq, Kenya, and Morocco.

The Princess Royal as Prime Warden to the Fishmongers' Company
The Princess Royal as Prime Warden to the Fishmongers’ Company
"Let's Do This" launch
“Let’s Do This” launch
Formal Portraits
Formal Portraits
Advertising Shoot
Advertising Shoot
Boat race winner being congratulated by his dad
Boat race winner being congratulated by his dad

So, although I have neglected this medium, I am feeling only slightly guilty!


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