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Equestrio Magazine Elephant Polo Article

The World Elephant Polo championships take place every year in Nepal.  This is an event hosted by Kristjan Edwards at Tiger Tops and, as well as being very enjoyable, raises awareness and funds for elephant welfare.  Tiger Tops is the first lodge in Nepal to discontinue Elephant safaris (the elephants can get very stressed when tigers are in the vicinity) and instead, the entire programme is geared towards the welfare of the elephants; tourists are encouraged only to observe what the elephants get up to.  The elephant camp is a wonderful place – clearly loved by the elephants and their mahoots – and the structure of the new camp means that no elephants are tethered or chained as they might have been in the past.

So the 5 days of elephant polo raises much needed awareness and funds to ensure that the care of these amazing creatures can continue to progress.  Plus, the elephants love it!  It is wonderful to see how they react to competition in this environment that ensures the welfare of the elephants drives everything else.  It is a real testament to Tiger Tops and their ethos and if you get the chance to go – either just to see the elephants living in safety at the camp, or taking jeep , boat or walking safaris into the jungle….or coming to see the incredible elephant polo… then just go and support the elephants!

The Article below is an account of the World Elephant Polo Championships that took place at the end of 2015 in Southern Nepal; published by Equestrio Magazine.

2015 Elephant Polo Equestrio Article



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