Scabetti – Lighting Installation Photography!

Scabetti is a small family business from Staffordshire producing the single most beautiful lighting installations (chandeliers doesn’t seem to do enough to explain what they are!)  It is so very pleasant dealing with such an honest and forward-leaning team.  They have been entered into an International Interior Design Award; a biggy, and so they wanted some better images than the ones they already had.  The first installation hangs in the main entrance of Fishmongers’ Hall – home to the Fishmongers’ Livery Company; and one of the most beautiful buildings in London.  The light is now a shoal of fish; and a beautiful collection of handmade fish that move and shimmer in the light.  I’m not doing it justice with words, so hopefully, I can do it justice with some images!20160920-scabetti-46

From the floor!
From the floor!
….and yes – the room is a little wonky!


The second piece hangs in the beautiful Brighton College – a private school built in the early 1800s.  This piece has been designed I think to signify learning.  Each porcelain hand-made male or female figure looking upwards for inspiration and knowledge.  Such a lovely piece to hang by the stained glass window, as the translucency of each piece gives a different light at different angles.  Just beautiful!

I guess the pupils draw inspiration too!
The light and the stained glass work very well
All the small figures actually make one large one!
Such a fun item to photograph – the lighting provided endless possibilities


My favourite!
My favourite!

….and as I subsequently discovered, the name Scabetti was not inspired by some italianate piece, but one of the children’s mispronunciation of spaghetti!


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