Pushing the Flash Limits!

Brilliant photographer Sebastian was with me this weekend, as we finalise planning for photoNepal 2013 and progress planning for 2014.  After a few hours of crunching through the numbers and programme I thought we needed some air.  I have often photographed in demanding countries; often with brilliant sunlight in the middle of the day; indeed, I shall be in the middle East doing just that later this year.  So I decided we would really push my Nikon SB-800 flash-units (well, one at a time, and with no diffusion).

Seb – 2 x stops of ND added.



The way I wanted to do this was to remove 6 stops of exposure, by gradually adding ND Filters.  The aim was to diminish the ambient light and then fire the flash close up on the subject (me or Seb!).  This is very similar to some of the techniques used in films like “Sherlock Holmes, where the night scenes were actually filmed in the middle of the day.  The added benefit of this is that it allows you to open wide the aperture without overexposing the images – and some powerful light ensues!

Seb looking into the future!
Seb – with 6 x stops of ND added!

I am looking to continue this technique more in my corporate head-shots; it gives a powerful effect and is great to control the post-processing to get a very unique look.  Let me know what you think!

Me and the flag!
Me and the flag!

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