One-2-One Training for Improvement

It is a very enjoyable process helping people with their photography skills, whether it be basic or advanced.  Mike has been looking to buy a new camera and wanted some training and advice to help him choose what would be best for him.  The 2 day individual course allowed him to ask all the pertinent questions and to try out techniques that should be specific to him and his requirements.20140519-Roxanne-001-2

20100103-Roxanne-067As usual, we started in manual in order to get all the basic stuff covered – it is really important to get the fundamentals right – and like most of the population, getting the information from books really doesn’t work terribly well.  So it was great to lead Mike through the camera’s abilities – all of the functions, and to add some quite technical skills by the end of the course.  We were lucky to have Roxanne at hand to provide the subject to help explain portraiture lighting outside, and then for a demonstration of lighting techniques in a studio setting.

Roxanne - Studio
Roxanne – Studio

Finally, we finished on some editing of the images – and explaining different software, and what might work best for Mike.

Mere - Castle Hill
Mere – Castle Hill

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