Alan Roan - Cervus

Cervus Defence & Security Ltd – Corporate Portrait

The brief was to produce some headshots and some defence images (military and civilian from my stock library) for a newly designed company website that needed to accurately portray the nature of the service it provides.

Of course, living where I do, I consider the beautiful hills just behind my house to be an extension of my studio; so it is very easy to move from inside studio portraits to outside “blue-sky” backdrops.

Capturing the mood of the cloud
Capturing the mood of the cloud

This gives huge flexibility to ensure the right look is met, and moving from one to the other is an easy move.


It was a windy old day, and keeping the suit from flapping too much required a little patience, but actually, reflecting the wind also adds something to the context of the image.

Clouds and grass.....
Clouds and grass…..
Contemplating the future!

For the geeks – Speedlights, Pocket Wizards, and 85mm!  (Oh and some sunlight!)


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